Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Surf and Wind, Kite Beach cabarete

Here is how Big Winter Storms roll in North America and the Caribbean...they
1. move West to East
2. throw Huge Surf on the reefs of Hawaii
3. blanket the Mountains with snow
4. put the Midwest and North East into Deep Freeze
5. bring Massive Surf, Wind and rain to the Caribbean
So Hawaii is getting big surf right now...look for big wave action here in 7 days (notice the map at the 180 hour mark). If anyone wants to learn how to paddle board small waves...this is the time...not next week...let me know!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wind and Surf Kite Beach Cabarete

Record snow and cold grip North America as Big Winter Storms Race across the Continent. In 2012 and 13, these big storms had a more West to East Pattern. This pattern brings lots of wind to Kite Beach Cabarete and very little surf. This year the storms are taking a more normal North West to South East path, the result of this is more Surf, Off Shore Winds  and Rain...Waterman Weather. Notice in the photo above how the Big Winter Storm is pushing well South of Bermuda all the way to the Dominican Republic. Look for nice family Surf early mornings giving way to solid Trade Winds through next week. Early next week the next Big Low should hit bringing Big Wave SUP and Kite action to the North Coast, Domincan Republic.

Monday, November 10, 2014

 Here are a few pages from my latest book, "The Waterman"... which shows another type of life, Kite Beach Living... to learn more about kite, SUP and tropical Living, stop by the Method Shop, Kite Beach

Friday, October 31, 2014

wave Action for kite beach Cabarete

A Big Winter Blast late this weekend and early into next week should bring quality SUP Wave action to Kite Beach Cabarete. Look for lite Trade Winds Friday Evening before this Big Winter Low displaces our trade winds as it moves South of Bermuda. Expect Quality Wave Action Late Sunday into Monday with the Swell holding through the week. There is a good chance of wind and rain especially Sunday and beyond. The organized kiter should be able to get quality kite boarding as this storm races across the North Shore of the Dominican Republic. Kiters should look for strong Clearing winds early next week. This storm should be 60-40 SUP to Kite Storm. Looks like wave hights will be big enough for the SUP CUP to happen! Shooters and Big Wave Riders should be ready

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Waterman Guide to Eating and Playing

Pages from the book...a bit of humor and a bit of Fishing

Good weekend Action for Kite Beach Cabarete

A little bump from a week Tropical Storm and the manana, then a big Winter Blast late this weekend and early into next week. This Storm is moving South of Bermuda so expect Big Waves, Big Rain and possibly Big the attached photo notice the Large Low Pressure system hitting New York as we speak

Monday, October 27, 2014

Action for Kite Beach Cabarete

What´s it mean?
1. Fast Moving
2 Will go South of Bermuda
3. It´s big
1. Strong kite winds later this week for Kite Beach 
2. Big surf n rain in 7 days
3. Westerly AM clearing wind early next week

Friday, September 5, 2014

Action...Looks like the SUP CUP could be on next week as this distant tropical Wave shows impressive signs of development.
1. It´s traveling on the 20degree or lower mark
2. Moving a little fast but  coming in straight from the East
3. Good circulation
 All in all it looks like next Week End is Gonna Be Rock´in on Kite Beach Cabarete for SUP and Kite

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Most Surf is caused by wind some where. Wind Swell then travels until it hits reef or land.  Hurricanes and Winter Storms are the two most popular wave producers for the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.Winter Storms come from the North and are pretty simple to read, if it´s snowing in New York, Kite Beach Cabarete should have quality surf 30 hours later.   With out a doubt, Hurricanes are more dynamic and harder to read. Hurricanes come from the East and circulate in a counter clock wise spiral. The North side of the storm is where the action is, the South Side, or Lee side of the storm is the Weak side.
kite beach surf, wind and weather
kite beach surf, wind and weather
With out a doubt, Hurricanes are more challenging to read, the above picture shows 2 (current) storms moving off the coast of here are some basics
1. Both storms are 20 degrees above the Equator, which is good for us here on the North Shore. Once a storm drifts above 20 degrees, it rarely comes back.
2. Notice the black inside the storm, this indicates intense action and tight circulation which is good for generating waves.
3. Notice the lite blue color off the coast of New York, this is wind swell from a Low Pressure system, this Low will most likely keep the Hurricane from drifting North.
4. Under the words Storm Surf it says "+180 hours", this is a forecast of where the swell will be in 180 hours.
5. Lee Side can have great surf and off shore winds depending on the speed and distance of the storm.
As wave riders watch this storm they are hoping for a storm which is slow moving, stalls East of the island and throws a ho loto surf

Thursday, July 3, 2014

...well at least for the East Coast...Hurricane Author is rolling up the East Coast as I type. Right now Author is smacking North Florida, i´m still waiting for real time reports from N. Fla. Watermen, but the wind should be off shore and the surf should be large. Looks like Cape Hatteras is going to get hammered with big surf, strong winds and a loto rain. Wave riders from New York to Boston are gearing up for some quality action, but the storm will be moving fast by the time it gets to NY, it remains to be seen if NY is going to get big wave action.  The only downsides to this storm are:
1. New York Media will call this Cat 1 storm the "Storm of the Century" and call for the National Guard
2. Author is moving a little too fast to bring long lasting action
3. The storm is a bit too close to the coast (close = rain)
4. The DR didn´t get any action from this Storm

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kite Beach Migration

The sand on kite beach migrates annually.  Big surf  brings kite beach sand, wind takes the sand away. The problem comes when there is a lot of wind but not much surf. This is what happened in 2014 on Kite Beach, so unfortunately there will not be a kite beach by mid July unless Hurricane Season kicks up heavy surf.   Most people confuse “Migration” with “Erosion”. Kite Beach does not have a problem with Erosion, rather it was really windy in 2014 and there was not much big surf.  So enjoy what beach we have now because  Kite Beach will be GONE soon. fortunately, the Sand Migration stops in September and Northern Currents start to replenish Kite Beach.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kite Beach Winter wind is all about Bermuda

Amazing, but the majority of winter storms in this 2014 season have come off the East Coast of North America and traveled North of Bermuda. This movement means consistent surf and wind for Kite Beach Cabarete. When Storms move from North to South, they kill the wind here on Kite Beach Cabarete and bring a ho loto rain. In the 2014 season, most of the storms have traveled North of Bermuda leaving Kite Beach cabarete with strong wind and waves!