Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Surf and Wind, Kite Beach cabarete

Here is how Big Winter Storms roll in North America and the Caribbean...they
1. move West to East
2. throw Huge Surf on the reefs of Hawaii
3. blanket the Mountains with snow
4. put the Midwest and North East into Deep Freeze
5. bring Massive Surf, Wind and rain to the Caribbean
So Hawaii is getting big surf right now...look for big wave action here in 7 days (notice the map at the 180 hour mark). If anyone wants to learn how to paddle board small waves...this is the time...not next week...let me know!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wind and Surf Kite Beach Cabarete

Record snow and cold grip North America as Big Winter Storms Race across the Continent. In 2012 and 13, these big storms had a more West to East Pattern. This pattern brings lots of wind to Kite Beach Cabarete and very little surf. This year the storms are taking a more normal North West to South East path, the result of this is more Surf, Off Shore Winds  and Rain...Waterman Weather. Notice in the photo above how the Big Winter Storm is pushing well South of Bermuda all the way to the Dominican Republic. Look for nice family Surf early mornings giving way to solid Trade Winds through next week. Early next week the next Big Low should hit bringing Big Wave SUP and Kite action to the North Coast, Domincan Republic.

Monday, November 10, 2014

 Here are a few pages from my latest book, "The Waterman"... which shows another type of life, Kite Beach Living... to learn more about kite, SUP and tropical Living, stop by the Method Shop, Kite Beach