Thursday, February 26, 2015

World class Kite Action for Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow...wind is back and skies are clear. World Class Kite Action is happening on Kite Beach Cabarete and it looks like this trend will happen for a while. The Winter Low Pressure Systems hammering North America continue to "Lift" away from Kite Beach Cabarete leaving us with clear Skies and strong winds. Furthermore there seems to be Tropical Lows Spinning to the South West of the Island. This will bring Kite Beach Cabarete more wind for more time, almost 24 hour a day wind is expected. No morning SUP sessions in ths pattern. This wind is good for HUGE Downwinders and Big Air ...let´s Ride

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good Kite and Paddle Board Action Continues for Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow...quality SUP and Kite Action continue for Kite Beach Cabarete even as the Southern US is getting hammered by snow and wind. Even Cuba is getting hit by this Big Winter Low Pressure system. Generally these big Low Pressure Systems would bring surf and kill Trade Winds...this has not been the case, Kite Beach Cabarete has had great Sunrise Surf and Quality Afternoon Kite action. It looks like the same will continue today. As the Low Pressure System approaches there will be  Southerly winds which should mix with our Easterly Trade winds towards creating quality Kite near Sunset. Look for Rain and westerly Winds to arrive on kite Beach Cabarete later this week.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wow...continued greta SUP and Kite Beach Cabarete

Super SUP Wave Action early today with solid Kite Winds filling in throughout the day today. 

What a year it´s been for Wind and Waves on Kite Beach Cabarete. Massive Low Pressure systems which  pounded North America with Snow and Wind "lifted" away from Kite Beach Cabarete. This left us with quality surf and pumping wind as opposed to rain. For anyone who thinks this year has been rainy, they have no idea what would have happened if these Low Pressure Systems would have continued on a normal course. Thankfully they didn´t and we have had a number of Double Dip days with great Sunrise wave riding and Quality Afternoon Kite.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Super Kite and SUP action for Kite Beach Cabarete

As this next Low Pressure System moves across Florida expect Super SUP Wave action at Sunset with lite Off Shore Winds. This system is "lifting" away from Kite Beach Cabarete so the North Coast will escape a big rain. Late should be great for kiting, watch for these Off Shore  Winds to slowly shift to Trade Winds closer to Sunset. Sunday looks like another classic Double Dip day for Watermen on Kite Beach Cabarete. for more about Wind, weather and Water check out my Latest Book

Friday, February 20, 2015

Classic Clearing Wind Kite Action for Kite Beach Cabarete

Man, it´s been a good year for the Watermen on Kite Beach Cabarete. Big Storm action has produced large surf and good wind from all directions. This is a treat for Kite Beach Cabarete. Westerly Clearing Winds open up new ride areas and fun down winders...what´s better than surfing a strong wind down to a quality eatery like the EZ Bar.

These Westerly or Clearing winds rolled in heavy late last night and are holding above 20 knots. Notice on the Water Vapor Map that the storm is just passing Kite Beach Cabarete and the "Amber" Swell is hours away. For more on Kite Weather check out our latest Kite Book

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Big Surf Off Shore Winds

Wow...Big Surf and a Big Off Shore wind is gonna make for a World Class Kite Day on Kite Beach Cabarete. Paddle Boarders went out at Sunrise and the action was good, but it was very apparent that today is a very rare Offshore Wind and Big Wave Kite day. Hit it early because a Huge Low Pressure System is Hitting Havana Cuba now and we are next unless our lucky streak continues and this storm lifts.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

World Class Kiting Starts now...Classic Double Dip Day

World Class Kiting Starts now...Classic Double Dip Day

Perfect Double Action for Kite Beach Cabarete

Quality Big Surf rolled onto the Reefs near Kite Beach Cabarete, Winds were off shore, lite to moderate. This Combo makes for Awesome Big Wave Action and yes Wave Hights were large enough that the SUP Cup is Happening . There was wind, enough that Kiters should look for wind Late today.
Notice in the images below that:
1. The Massive Low Pressure System which brought Big Snow to Boston and Ragging Winds to Bermuda seems to be lifting away from Kite Beach Cabarete
2. 10´  World Class Paddle Boarding with Off Shore Winds

 Kiters should watch for a Wind switch from Off Shore to side Shore making for great Kiting near Sunset. Lets do it!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kite Beach Cabarete Wind and SUP Surf

Boston got clobber with Snow, Bermuda got hammered with Wind and Surf and now the Storm is in Florida. Looks like kite Beach Cabarete will be fortunate again because this Huge Low Pressure system seems to be lifting and traveling North East before it gets to Cabarete.
This storm is moving fast so Kiters should look for strong Southerly Winds a head of the storm and Clearing Winds after the Storm passes. Again this is a Fast Moving Storm and generally fast moving storms bring wind especially on the day´s transitions (Sunrise and Sunset). So be ready. Looks like Big Wave SUP action will happen Tuesday Morning.
 Remeber that Kite Beach Cabarete has a World Class Kiteboarding Beach when it´s windy and  when there is no Wind, Kitebeach has world class paddleboarding from the Horizon to the inland Mountains.

There is always something to do on Kite Beach...Let´s go   

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wow quality Wind and Surf continues for Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow...a Kite gift last nite with Westerly side off shore winds...why is this a treat?
1. Sun is at the riders back
2. Sun is not in the riders face
3. Difficult wind to learn in so not much of a crowd
4. Nice direction for wave riding
5. Easy to Blast into Cabarete for some quality chow 

Now we are in a SUP Wave pattern...look for a really good Sunset session before BIG surf rolls in manana. Winds should remain lite with little or no kite action happening

check out the Wave Map...looks like this pattern will continue for a while

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh Ya...quality Westerly Wind for Kite Beach Cabarete

Nice Clearning Winds....side off shore from the west makes for rare downwinder into the heart of cabarete....awesome kite action.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Family action for kite Beach Cabarete

A huge Low Pressure System is Lifting away from Kite Beach Cabarete...this gives Kite Beach quality weather, family waves and glassy waters. This trend will continue through tomorrow. The sky is crystal Clear and the Moon is Setting to the West early morning so pre Dawn Sessions are ON through the Weekend.
More Swell is on the way for Thrusday evening through the weekend...this swell will last through the Weekend.
Get the action while you can because these storms could have easily brought a solid month of rain!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Wow...lucky on the Weather on Kite Beach Cabarete

WOW...Big Winter Low Pressure System are hammering Florida, even bringing rain to Cuba, but they are lifting to the North East leaving Kite Beach Cabarete with:
- Large Glassy Sunrise SUP Surf
- Morning off shore winds
-Afternoon Trade winds
- Quality Kite Action towards Sunset
Notice in the 2nd picture How Close the Storms are coming to the Island, but fortunately they are Lifting to the North West just before they reach Kite Beach Cabarete

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Big Surf For Kite Beach Cabarete

Big Surf is in...SUP CUP is happening on Kite Beach

Glassy conditions dominated early with moderate off shore winds filling in mid morning. A large squall just came from a Trade Wind Direction. Will Big Wave SUP action continue or are there trades behind the squall?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Perfect SUP Kite Weather for Kite Beach Cabarete

Kite Beach Cabarete has been lucky this winter, we have had quality Morning Surf with Great Kite Wind coming in late...fortunately this pattern looks like it will hold through next week. Mainly because the Winter Low Pressure Systems are Lifting as they pass through Florida. This action gives Kite Beach Cabarete quality SUP and Kite conditions with out heavy weather and driving rain. Looks like this pattern will continue through next week with the next swell hitting our reef at Sunrise, Sunday Morning. Waves and Whales are here so Let´s Paddle!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Perfect SUP and Kite Action for Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow...Kite Beach Cabarete has been lucky that these Huge Winter Low Pressure Systems are bringing surf but are not flooding the Island with Rain. The Storms are stopping just short of kite Beach Cabarete and they are taking an Easterly track which leaves Kite Beach Cabarete in the Clear!

the result...Beautiful SUP Surf at Sunrise and late day Kite Action through Sunset

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Heavy Weather

Wow...a ho loto Rain and Surf for Kite Beach Cabarete...the next big storms look like they will shift to a more easterly track and may not soak Kite Beach Cabarete. One thing for sure is that this massive Low Pressure System ranging off the Coast of Florida will displace the Bermuda High Pressure System which produces the Trade Winds which make for consistent kiting on Kite Beach Cabarete. So does this mean that there will be no wind for Kite Beach Cabarete? No, the storms are moving fast and there is strong possibility for quality action ESPECIALLY near Sunrise and Sunset. In fact late last night a handfull of riders caught it good and the same thing happened today at Sunrise. This is why kiters should always stay in  Hotel on Kite beach!